The marriage of information technology (IT) and operations technology (OT) changes operations, resource management and sustainability. 

For solution providers, that means opportunity, but not without navigating complexity.
“As digital capabilities become more strategic, and complex work-arounds become less and less feasible, more companies are getting serious about breaking down these silos and converging the IT/OT operating model,” McKinsey & Company says. 
IT encompasses the digital infrastructure, software applications and data management systems facilitating organizational information flow and decision-making. On the other hand, OT involves controlling physical processes, devices and machinery that drive operational efficiency.
IT-OT convergence is the seamless integration between the two, allowing for real-time data sharing, enhanced monitoring and predictive maintenance.
Schneider Electric’s Expertise
With IT and OT now integrating edge-of-network or IoT devices into uptime, decision-making, and sustainability of an enterprise, solution providers should consider Schneider Electric’s unique lineup and expertise in this segment.
For example, EcoStruxure software can keep tabs on a network’s entire lineup of edge devices, avoiding failures, downtime and use of excess energy. That means an organization’s operations can remain energy efficient, enable its goals and smooth operation and reduce costs significantly. 
Another way to put it, Schneider Electric’s complete offerings can be a key to the continuity of process control. And, when it comes to IT/OT convergence, that’s the ballgame. 
Or, as Deloitte put it in a report it published on IT/OT convergence: 
“So let’s dispel the myths and consider the principles behind the successful convergence of IT and OT,” the consulting firm said. “There are things that we know we know—the known knowns – those we know we don’t know—the known unknowns—in addition to the unknown unknowns, which we don’t know we don’t know. As we face an ever-changing digital landscape, what questions do you need to ask as a business executive or cyber professional to get it right?”
Impact on Sustainability
The marriage of IT and OT has profound implications for sustainability efforts. Real-time data and predictive analytics allow for proactive maintenance of industrial machinery, reducing downtime and extending equipment lifecycles. This directly contributes to resource conservation and waste reduction.
The convergence of IT and OT is reshaping industries, benefiting end users with enhanced experiences and businesses with increased efficiency. This transformation also holds significant promise for sustainability efforts, driving resource conservation and optimized operations. While challenges exist, the journey toward seamless IT/OT integration promises a more connected, efficient and sustainable future.
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