Cybersecurity and sustainability are increasingly coming to the forefront as essential drivers of progress for businesses of all sizes. From the smallest start-ups to the largest enterprises, the imperative to keep digital assets protected while forging ahead with increased sustainability is increasing.

The alignment of these two disparate elements offer a unique opportunity for solution providers, such as showcasing NetBotz, to leverage this convergence and create comprehensive, forward-looking solutions.

“Companies need to start looking at cybersecurity as part of ESG,” sustainability and cybersecurity experts Anna Sarnek, senior director of risk solutions at SecurityScorecard, and engineer Christina Dolan of RSA, wrote in an article for the World Economic Forum.

“Cyber risk is the most immediate and financially material sustainability risk that organizations face today. Those that fail to implement good governance on cybersecurity, using appropriate tools and metrics, will be less resilient and less sustainable,” Sarnak and Dolan wrote. “This in turn, has an impact on the other organizations they rely on, and ultimately on the stability of companies, communities and governments.”

The convergence of cybersecurity and sustainability is only gaining in importance in today's digital and climate-aware business environment. As enterprises strive for greener practices, they are also having to grapple with a growing number of cybersecurity threats. It shouldn’t be surprising, then, that these two areas can pair closer than ever when planning for reliable, secure solutions that offer sustainability.

IT solution providers may want to take a good look at one solution to mitigate these challenges: NetBotz.

NetBotz is a suite of products developed by APC that are designed to protect IT infrastructure against both environmental and cyber threats. NetBotz provides a multi-faceted approach to IT security with its intelligent sensors, cameras, rack access controls and alarms. These features offer comprehensive protection against threats like humidity, flood, fire and unauthorized access​

Moreover, NetBotz's solutions are flexible, adaptable and accessible via a browser, enabling real-time alerts and sensor data overviews. This accessibility ensures that enterprises, regardless of size, can monitor their systems from anywhere on a secure network, enhancing their ability to respond promptly to any threats. Furthermore, its ability to integrate with other APC products and customize threshold definitions provides a robust, customizable management system that can meet the needs of diverse IT environments, from network closets to data centers​.

Modern enterprises of all sizes, which consider both cybersecurity and sustainability imperative, should also consider embracing solutions like NetBotz. That provides an opportunity for protecting against a multitude of threats and ensuring their growth, sustainability and the conservation of the wider environment.



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