Solution Providers May Have A Growing Opportunity At The Edge

By Ed Moltzen

There is no getting around the explosive edge computing growth the IT industry is preparing for in the coming years.

There is no getting around the explosive edge computing growth the IT industry is preparing for in the coming years.
Statista spells it out in eye-popping fashion: It estimates 29 billion IoT devices by 2030. 
Edge computing enhances performance by reducing data travel distances, ensuring immediate response times crucial for applications like autonomous vehicles and telemedicine. It promotes cost efficiency by decreasing reliance on centralized data centers, thereby saving on bandwidth and data transmission expenses. 
As the demand for IoT devices increases, edge computing offers scalability, preventing centralized system overloads and catering to both small and large businesses. Additionally, local data processing strengthens security by reducing transmission breach risks. Furthermore, it empowers IT providers to customize services to each customer's distinct needs, guaranteeing maximum efficiency and effectiveness.
But behind the numbers may be a story that is just as enlightening to solution providers. In a white paper, Schneider Electric states that edge computing offers new efficiencies to the IT network.
“Internet use is trending towards bandwidth-intensive content and an increasing number of attached ‘things.’ At the same time, mobile telecom networks and data networks are converging into a cloud computing architecture. To support needs today and tomorrow, computing power and storage is being inserted out on the network edge in order to lower data transport time and increase availability. Edge computing brings bandwidth-intensive content and latency-sensitive applications closer to the user or data source,” the white paper reports. 
In line with its findings, Schneider Electric has a range of offerings designed to provide solution providers a go-to for customers working to get a handle on their devices. 
For example, the EcoStruxure Micro Data Center Solutions are complete IT solutions that combine power, cooling, security and monitoring in an enclosed rack system. Such an approach can keep the edge more organized and in more effective management. 
But managing an IT network also demands managing its power consumption and energy efficiency, with sustainability now an imperative. As the edge grows, so will challenges and opportunities for solution providers. 

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