Maximizing The Network Closet Brings Efficiency and Opportunity

By Ed Moltzen

If a football game can be won or lost in the last yard, an efficient IT environment can be won or lost in the few feet or yards of a network closet.


If a football game can be won or lost in the last yard, an efficient IT environment can be won or lost in the few feet or yards of a network closet.

But unlike the end zone on a football field, the network closet is seldom seen or considered by most in an organization.

Yet, organizing network cabinets and racks effectively is crucial for maintaining an efficient, safe, and scalable IT infrastructure. Implementing well-organized network cabinets, such as those provided by APC by Schneider Electric, can reap numerous benefits for IT and IT management.

“The shift towards edge computing, IoT devices, and artificial intelligence is also expected to fuel the demand for server racks cabinets, as these technologies require efficient and secure data storage solutions,” research house Insightra wrote recently. Additionally, the increasing focus on energy efficiency and sustainability is driving the continued adoption of eco-friendly server rack cabinets, further contributing to market growth.

Organized network closets enhance airflow, which is vital for the proper functioning of hardware. Racks designed with free airflow openings prevent overheating and promote better cooling, thus extending the life of servers and switches. This not only reduces the risk of hardware failure but also decreases the frequency of maintenance and replacement, providing long-term cost savings.

Cables, servers, and power supplies, when organized poorly, can lead to inefficient airflow and cooling, heightening the need for more power, and result in unnecessary wear and tear on hardware.

The NetShelter product line from APC by Schneider Electric includes a range of premium server racks that solution providers can use to drive efficiency in data centers, networking, and server deployments.

Not only can it provide significant improvements in the organization of a network closet, but APC by Schneider Electric has designed this part of its lineup to be seamless with others.

For example, Schneider Electric’s APC NetShelter racks, paired with the innovative Smart-UPS Ultra—the industry's first 3kW and 5kW 1U single-phase UPS—are engineered to efficiently address deployment challenges in distributed IT and edge computing environments, ensuring unparalleled uptime for critical applications globally.

“Growth opportunities in the server racks cabinets market lie in the development of racks and cabinets with advanced features such as enhanced cooling systems, better cable management solutions, and increased security features to protect sensitive data,” Insighta wrote.

To maximize a network closet, select modular racks and cabinets with efficient cable management and integrated security features, ensuring adaptability and organization. Incorporate vertical and horizontal power distribution units along with adequate cooling mechanisms to enhance power management and prevent overheating, optimizing space and efficiency in the setup.

For more information on Schneider Electric’s partner program - which offers support and opportunities with lineups like NetShelter - solution providers can visit this link:




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