Digitization And Schneider Electric Boost Customer Operations

By Ed Moltzen

How big of a deal is digitization in the drive toward net-zero carbon emissions?


How big of a deal is digitization in the drive toward net-zero carbon emissions?

A recent survey from consulting house CapGemini found that nearly one in four businesses credit the move toward digital solutions with slashing their carbon footprint.

"Over the past five years, organizations have achieved a 24% reduction in energy consumption and a 21% decrease in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions through the implementation of digital technologies,” CapGemini said in its report.

Digitization in sustainable IT refers to transforming traditional analog processes into digital formats, emphasizing environmental sustainability. This approach leverages technology to reduce carbon footprints, optimize resource use, and promote energy efficiency. By digitizing processes, organizations can minimize waste, enhance operational efficiency, and contribute to a more sustainable future.

Sustainable IT digitization focuses on integrating eco-friendly practices within digital transformation efforts, ensuring that technological advancement goes hand-in-hand with environmental stewardship.

For solution providers, partners like Schneider Electric can help drive a digital transition throughout a customer’s business - from the edge of the network right to the data center.

“First and foremost, digitizing machines, buildings, and processes is not the core competency for most companies,” Schneider Electric’s Alfredo Arriola wrote on the company’s blog last year. “It can be costly, and many organizations have external pressures to focus on the core business and revenue-producing activities, versus tinkering with digitization.”

Solution providers working with Schneider Electric can provide an array of solutions and services that deliver sustainability from top to bottom. At the heart of the company’s lineup is its EcoStruxure platform, which ties together the management of a customer’s IT systems using real-time data.

With it, for example, sensors at the edge of a network can collect and send data in real time to an EcoStruxure dashboard, which provides a wealth of information on a network's health, energy usage, and operations. Thus, it is easier to keep systems up and running at peak efficiency.

For more information on the Schneider Electric partner program, visit https://www.apc.com/us/en/partners-alliances/partners/



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