Building A Sustainable IT Framework For The Workforce

By Ed Moltzen

The push toward a sustainable framework in business has become more than a trend—it's an imperative. 


The push toward a sustainable framework in business has become more than a trend—it's an imperative. 

The recent findings from the Gartner HR Survey reiterate the benefit of sustainability to an organization, with 67 percent saying they believe sustainability issues are important.

It additionally found that establishing a robust sustainability workplace mindset can potentially boost employee engagement by an impressive 43 percent.

Incorporating products and services from Schneider Electric can significantly enhance a company's sustainability setting. The EcoStruxure platform and APC Smart-UPS are two such products.

The EcoStruxure platform is a holistic IoT-enabled system that offers solutions for building management, data center operations and industrial processes. By integrating this platform, a company can optimize energy usage and operational efficiency across its facilities. This could involve leveraging EcoStruxure's advanced analytics for energy monitoring and predictive maintenance, thereby reducing unnecessary energy consumption and enhancing the sustainability of operations.

The deployment of EcoStruxure can serve as a visible commitment to sustainability, providing a practical example for employees and stakeholders of the company's dedication to eco-friendly practices.

APC Smart-UPS, on the other hand, offers energy-efficient power protection for critical equipment. By implementing Smart-UPS, a company ensures that its crucial systems are protected from power disruptions while also reducing energy waste. These UPS systems often come with Green mode, which allows them to operate at high efficiency, conserving energy and reducing operational costs.

The rollout of Smart-UPS can be coupled with employee education sessions on energy conservation and provides another important opportunity for solution providers to support their customers and work with a vendor that is steeped in the mission of sustainable IT.

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