Building A Managed Power Practice

By Ed Moltzen

The core goals of managed power services are to ensure power source reliability, efficiency and availability, thereby minimizing downtime and data loss.

Managed power solutions for solution providers

In the rapidly evolving edge computing landscape, adopting innovative approaches is critical. The managed power services model is one such strategy revolutionizing the way IT systems function.

This strategy includes two basic functions according to Schneider Electric: “the remote monitoring and management of UPS and physical infrastructure and the use of data collection and analytics to improve the reliability and cost effectiveness of those assets.”

“With the rapid advancement in technology, the reliance on IT infrastructure has surged,” Global Market Insights, an analytics firm, explained in a report.

Finding a Partner with a Unique Approach

Solution providers can turn to Schneider Electric and consider its unique approach. In fact, the company essentially created this sector with a lineup of hardware and software power management offerings, in addition to services.

The approach merges Schneider Electric's APC Smart-UPS and Monitoring and Dispatch services, aiding partners in crafting their "as a Service" proposition. This encompasses flexible finance via participating IT distributors, fostering increased partner cash flow. Managed Power as a Service gives partners an opportunity to enhance customer value, curtail operational expenses and amplify recurring revenue streams through real-time remote monitoring and management.

Solution providers can contact representatives at Schneider Electric directly for more information or assistance

The core goals of managed power services are to ensure power source reliability, efficiency and availability, thereby minimizing downtime and data loss and facilitating seamless IT operations. Key objectives include promoting energy efficiency for those keeping sustainability in mind.

For example, managed power services contribute to energy conservation and cost reduction by optimizing power distribution and consumption. This aligns with sustainability initiatives and aids in minimizing operational expenses.

This sector also is built to leverage advanced monitoring tools and technologies with real-time insights into the status of power systems. Managing these systems remotely enables swift action, regardless of physical location.

Advantages for solution providers include an expanded services portfolio, predictable revenue generation, strengthened customer relationships, a showcase for expertise and more flexibility to adapt to trends. By ensuring seamless operations, minimizing downtime and contributing to energy efficiency, these services deliver tangible benefits to both solution providers and their customers.

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